New immigrant Package

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What you will get in the package
  • You will receive a detailed report on the following
  • Top 3 cities to land and find a job in your discipline (profession) based on detailed research:
    • Rate of competition from other job seekers
    • Number of job Posts in your discipline
    • Salary expected
    • living costs
    • Summary of recommendations based on multiple factors
  • We will provide you with answers to any question you have on the job market

  • Tips and Tricks for job search
    • Where to upload your resume
    • What Keywords to use
    • How to apply to jobs
  • This will help you to

    • To find a job easier
    • Find a job in Canada in a shorter time
    • Align your life goals with job goals
    • Be more attractive to employers in Canada

We will ensure that you can take the steps needed in order to make that happen

Delivery: 5 working days